Video, Social Media and community for a new Fashion and Luxury communication

Among the profound innovations that have affected the Fashion & Luxury industry in recent months, there is also the will to experiment new ways of communication.

Podcasts, video platforms, live streaming and massive use of Social Media: the Fashion & Luxury industry is exploiting the entire range of digital communication technology. The goal is reaching increasingly broader audiences, whilst experimenting more effective engagement methods.

Video and streaming platforms: the new competitive arena for Fashion & Luxury brands

As we saw in our latest insight, live streaming and video production were the main stylistic code of the Digital Fashion Weeks. These methods of communication should not be conceived as an exceptional and temporary event, destined to disappear. On the contrary, special video-sharing platforms are booming and are very popular among the very young.

Apart from known American giants (YouTube above all, followed by Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with their live streaming functions), new Chinese players have surfaced. Obviously, we are talking about the very famous TikTok, +130% of revenue in the first quarter of 2020, compared to 2019, and of the Bilibili video-sharing website. Based on the data collected in January, the latter already published 1.63 million fashion-related videos (3)*, generating a whopping 700 million interactions. It goes without saying that the fashion universe has already seen the potential of these giants in the enormous Chinese market, by massively investing in ads on them.

Social networks and digital communities: for an increasingly engaging Fashion

Going back to the Digital Fashion Weeks, we notice how the partnership withsocial media has been another crucial aspect. For instance, the Paris Fashion Week partnered up with Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Google to increase content visibility. And talking about Instagram, the popular platform recently made it possible to sell products and services. Companies will need to tag the items from a single company-owned website to sell them, offering a consistent and reliable shopping experience. Basically, yet another opportunity for Fashion brands to showcase their products.

Speaking of social networks, their community component is becoming increasingly important for brands. Brands can no longer ignore the management of their Facebook groups to set an effective content strategy. These groups also have the benefit of leading to an even-higher engagement, by sharing information, conversations and dialogues. A great opportunity for brands to position themselves on relevant topics, according to an authentic and proactive approach to Fashion.

A successful case in this sense comes from sports apparel companies. For years now, the leading brands in this sector have been investing a lot on this. Involving their users thanks to constantly active digital communities, also through the intervention of sports stars, has proven to be a very successful strategy.

Podcast stories and emotional videos: Fashion talks about itself

Fashion’s innovative communication is not just limited to technical or strategic aspects. Even the content and creativity components have been thoroughly renovated. Serial podcasts – even though they have been a very popular format for at least a decade – are now revealing their potential in telling a group’s story.

Lately, switching from audio to video mode, we have witnessed an authentic creative explosion. Especially during the most recent digital events, all Fashion brands made extensive use of this tool. Emotional videos, virtual re-enactments, videoclips, cartoons and graphic tricks of any kind: the Fashion & Luxury industry experimented with just about any media. A desire of experimentation and a multichannel approach that is also Bizeta’s trademark, always looking for innovative solutions to support this sector.


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