Technological Innovation in Fashion Industry

 Modern Retail will be based on digital technology

A new economy, a new market and a new way of living: that is where the digital revolution will take us. A process in continuous changing, but which acquires credibility and importance as never before. Costumer’s shopping experience is changing: touch screens, digital boutiques, new technologies that render the whole experience 3D, designed for a customer always more informed and aware. The modern retail customer had become always more guided by technological devices, which helps him and walks him throughout the shopping experience.The journey is still long for the companies but the current process is evolving since the retailers understood the power and importance of using technology during costumer shopping experience. This process has everything needed in order to change the way of living and work, allowing the costumer to collect information about the sale point throughout online technology.

The aware and informed costumer demands to be followed during his shopping experience from the entrance in the store to trying new products and finally during purchasing and payment.

Technologies can support store staff and add more value to the services which are provided.

Moreover, technologies enable costumer’s data collection in order to improve eventually costumer’s second experience in the store and increase costumer’s satisfaction

Nowadays we are in the heart of the biggest changes ever made in Retail Industry.

The costumer will be now able to compare different range of prices, models, colours with the same facility as online.

Therefore, what to expect from the near future?

Retailers must be able to manage a multichannel offer: both online and offline offers; trying to understand the possibilities that these two channels can provide to the final costumer but also to the company.

A profound transformation which despite some cynical opinions, will create new jobs and new specialised professionals. A thought sustained also by the McKinsey Group report “Small and medium companies and Web productivity” which affirm that the technological evolution process creates new jobs and destroys everything that is old and antic.


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