Retail & Hospitality: the importance of colors

The psychology of color in the creation of a brand

It is well known that sight often plays a decisive role in everyday choices, which are simple, or more complex.
The shapes and colors that we see in our surroundings have an action not to be underestimated about our faculty of choice.

Reactions to stimuli created by colors are subjective, but science has studied how most people respond in the same way to predefined color patterns.

In the retail and hospitality world, the choice of color is fundamental, since it is the element that most influences the choice of the brand or product; we can therefore take advantage of scientific studies to create the best brand identity with the best use of the shades.


These two areas have the common purpose of creating environments that are real or virtual, accommodating, positive, and welcoming to the people who attend them.
It is important to choose the main color of your brand and make it the first thing that stands out at the eye or mind when appointing the brand; then secondary colors should be chosen, which are in harmony and in balance with the main color, to be used in all business communication modes.


It’s good to know that whatever the color you choose, you do not have to overdo it: even a color with positive effects, if used in a pedantic and overwhelming way, can create negative and unpleasant effects on your customers.
Not always the effects are perceived consciously by our guests, but it is crucial to remember that the subconscious is always moving and can greatly influence the choices.


Black and White

These colors are the ones that do not create any kind of emotional reaction from the customer. In areas such as hospitality and retail, guests have to feel warm and welcome; the neutrality of these colors does not help to create this effect.


Green is the color of money: most of the banknotes around the world are green and is definitely not a choice due to the case.
This color is the one that best manages to increase the urge to spend money and diminish the so-called “buyer’s remorse”.
Green is the most balanced color, just because it is in the center of the spectrum of colors and it is just this nuance that can give us confidence when we make purchases.


Yellow, as a warm color, is great for the hospitality industry; it is a friendly tint, suitable for furnishings for guest reception areas. At the same time, however, yellow may be less useful in graphic designs, because it can deceive the eyes and do not highlight important informations.


It’s a warm color, so suitable for Retail and Hospitality, and at the same time has the ability to skip to the eye, since red is closer to objects than other colors.


The least recommended color for Hospitality and Retail is grey.
Despite being considered elegant and classy, ​​gray at a psychological level does not give direct emotions, but it does show coldness, which is totally avoided in these areas.


Blue is a color that gives good thoughts, such as calm and serenity. At the same time however it is not a comfortable and warm tint, and it is scientifically proven that it does not attract people to enter a restaurant, for example.


Orange is positivity par excellence: it gives a sense of refuge, warmth and fun. It encourages customers both physically and emotionally and is great for Hospitality and for food.

Each color therefore has its own properties, which can be used to best create a winning image of your business.

In the hospitality and retail world there are many other factors to keep in mind when creating a brand; but the right choices, which are weighted and never exaggerated, can be a success of the project.

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