IT & Retail: the 4 digital trends that will improve customer’s experience

​​​​​​​ Adopting IT solutions helps to keep up with the global change of the selling process

Selling doesn’t mean only filling up the carriage or consumer’s bags anymore, but it means managing the entire selling process, studying new strategies able to go beyond the traditional selling, distribution and production mechanisms.

In order to keep up with the digital transformation it is crucial to create a winning balance between technology and business: a history chapter has been opened, where we can find digital costumers, that live in an environment where the digital devices are the heart of the ecosystem.

For this reason, it is crucial to upgrade and to entrust our business management to technology. The bet in the game? The customer experience.

Here are the 4 trends to take into consideration in order to improve the business management and the shopping experience in Retail world.

1. The importance of the “Internet of everything” 

Electronic devices surround us and if this trend will continue to extend with this speed, we will be constraint ( if we didn’t already did it) to change our way in which we communicate, interact and purchase and not only! Companies must adapt to this new trend and must take the best of the advantages: It will be modified not only the relationship between costumer and retail but also the relationship between different inside industries and the management of different levels in distribution chain. And here technology enters in the game!

2. The increased virtual reality 

The costumer is exposed to different incentives that can be combined between online and offline realities. In this way enters in the game the virtual reality that can and must improve the customer’s experience by giving birth to new mechanisms of games and entertainment.  Throughout this phenomenon, the virtual reality of retail world is able to assist the purchase, improve the costumer engagement and empower the in-shop experience.

3. Stable and flexible IT system

At the ground of everything must stay a stable back-end, a solid support for supply chain, merchandise and transitions.  The order and the optimised back-end management will reflect on the front-end and on the final consumer. It is extremely important to study the results and use data collection to increase the final sales.

4. The future: OMNICHANNEL 

Nowadays costumer prefers the mix composed by the in-store and online experiences.

The standard shopping process doesn’t satisfy anymore: the final consumer needs incentives and functionalities that only the online integration can provide.

But pay attention: the modern costumer doesn’t consider the in-store and online experiences as individual processes. For these reason the retailer must be able to provide continuity during the costumer experience.

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