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Online purchases: in Italy, interaction with the physical store is still the preferred choice

A platform specialized in logistic solutions has published a report that analyzes consumption and channels used. Despite the boom in e-commerce, traditional stores retain their solid position: actually, the two complement each other, to adapt to the preferences of consumers.

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Sample Management System and Incentive Management System: the new solutions by Bizeta

Bizeta Retail Solutions offers to its customers two new, innovative cloud-based solutions created by its partner ORO Consulting: “KinCloud – Sample Management System”, for managing sample movements, and “KinCloud – Incentive Management System”, for incentives for retail stores staff. Let’s see how they are structured.

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Strategies and technologies to protect profits in Retail

Retailers have learned that, to best manage inventory surplus, a specific strategy must be developed, it is no longer enough to simply lower prices. This specific case, actually, is linked to the wider and more complex issue of profit protection.

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Inventory management and the future of returns in Retail: the importance of efficient logistics

The mutated international context imposes logistics and increasingly efficient inventory management, while the world of fashion (and Retail in general) wonders about the sustainability of free returns. Bizeta’s ID-STORE is the ideal solution for this new scenario.

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Omni-channel approach and phygital services for future-proof Retail

A future-proof business model requires various elements: a holistic approach, a visionary strategy and continuous renewal of resources. With the suitable technological measures, even such an ambitious project is absolutely achievable.

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Fashion of the future: technology and omnichannel

On one hand, Fashion & Luxury intends to double its investments in technology by 2030. On the other, the very young seem to still be fond of the physical store. In this coexistence between innovation and tradition, it is important to be mobile and omnichannel.

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The new Customer Service in Retail: omni-channel and frictionless

The study by a company specialized on the subject highlights how Customer Service in 2022 must be omni-channel. Despite growing digitalization, many Retailers, nonetheless, continue to not take full advantage of this opportunity.

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Solutions for Retail set to overtake pre-Covid

According to a study by McKinsey & Company, during 2022, global Fashion & Luxury will exceed the levels of turnover recorded in 2019 by anywhere between 3% to 8%. The success of several events supports this trend: physical Retail is by now set to overtake the pre-pandemic numbers.

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Retail is on the rise: many new openings in 2021

By the end of 2021, 828 new stores will open in Italy, an increase of almost 8% compared to the current number. In this favorable scenario, the VISION BeanStore Retail application by Bizeta (integrated with ERP tree web by Sintesi Software) is the perfect instrument for the best results.

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OneStore and the new forms of Retail: a total experience

Between the physical store and the online store there no longer is a break in continuity. It is precisely thanks to this integration that many brands have obtained excellent results regardless of the pandemic. OneStore by Bizeta is the Retail solution that goes right in this direction.

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Big Data, A.I. and Profit Protection at the service of Fashion and Luxury

On one hand, Big Data to predict trends, guide marketing strategies and maximize sales; on the other, artificial intelligence to collect, filter and analyze an almost unlimited amount of information. The algorithms are by now a key element in the industry of Fashion and Luxury: Bizeta’s Profit Protection is a perfect example of this.

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Profit Protection – the latest challenge for Retail

Protecting one’s profit and significantly reducing losses. An achievement which can be reached thanks to sophisticated tools analyzing register transactions and stock movements, identifying possible anomalies, fraud, and crimes in these flows. An objective achieved in a short amount of time thanks to Profit Protection.

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